Bad Trader Reporting Rules - Caveat Emptor!

Read Them. Learn Them. And for goodness sake, FOLLOW THEM.

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Bad Trader Reporting Rules - Caveat Emptor!

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All right, I will keep this simple:

The Bad Trader forum is for reporting people who have ripped you off, not someone who said mean words to you. Don't come here to gripe and moan - legitimate complaints only.

The definition of legitimate complaint: If you have not received your part of the trade/purchase within a reasonable time after you've sent what you agreed to, if you don't get what you bought, if the items arrive in a different condition than what they were promised (ie damaged or pieces missing), and of course if the other person lied about something; all these are legitimate reasons to complain. If another trader is rude, this is not the place.

You MUST!!! have the following:
Proof of Bartertown-based transaction:
scanned receipt (USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex, etc.),
emails with complete headers,
private messages,
or other form of communication that clearly states what was being traded for what, when, who was sending first, when the packages were sent, and so forth!

If you do not follow this very simple rule, your post will get nuked and you earn a month's suspension. Any future violations will result in banning.

Additional helpful items: Pictures of the items in question, delivery confirmation numbers, insurance slips, and other forms of package-tracking identification.

A question that keeps coming up is "What constitutes a trade/purchase/agreement?" This is a good question and I am formally defining it now:

A Bartertown 'Trade' occurs when both parties have agreed to a transaction, be it a purchase (ie buyer-seller) or exhange of items and/or services, and have agreed to the terms of said transaction.
For example. Morlock and I agree to trade his Warmachine Cryx for my Warhammer Fantasy Chaos. We negotiate what we're trading specifically, we negotiate shipping terms, and we negotiate a time-frame for said shipping. Once we agree - and this can be as simple as "you're cool with that?" or as complex as sending a separate email that states the exact terms of everything agreed to along with a request to reply-with-agreement - the Trade is on.
If something unexpected happens, like a family emergency or unexpected deployment, it is the responsibility of the person in question to let the other party know what's happened within a reasonable time frame.

Remember, when it comes to trade negotiations ASSUME NOTHING.

I know I sound harsh, but I am tired of all the dross and crap that people toss in here without bothering to read the rules. If you make a post that does not contain appropriate evidence you earn an automatic month suspension and of course, the thread gets nuked. No more warnings.
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