Grey Knight preorders....last weekend!!

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Grey Knight preorders....last weekend!!

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Hi everyone, just wanted to let people know that we are down to the last weekend before the new Grey Knight models. I can take order through Monday. Any funds would need to be in by Monday as well. Here's what's coming:

To be shipped 4/2:

40K: Codex: Grey Knights $23.20
40K: Grey Knights Nemesis Dreadknight $43.00
40K: Grey Knights $26.40
40K: Grey Knight Terminators $40.00
40K: Grey Knight Lord Kaldor Draigo $17.80
40K: Grey Knight Inquisitor Coteaz $13.20

To be shipped 4/16:
40K: Grey Knight Jokaero Weaponsmith $9.80
40K: Grey Knight Castellan Crowe $13.20
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