Wings of War

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Wings of War

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With our shipment yesterday, we have a WWI series IV set in hand. We are also taking orders for the WWI Revised Deluxe set for $50 (plus shipping). We don't have them in hand just yet, but they are around the corner.

Here are the planes:
Lieutenant Colonel William Avery (Bishop) for $9.50
Major Roderic Stanley (Dallas) for $9.50
Joseph E. (Boudwin) for $9.50
Pfalz D.III - Leutnant Fritz (Höhn) for $9.50
Pfalz D.III - Leutnant Hans (Klein) for $9.50
Pfalz D.IIIa - Vizefeldwebel Max (Hotlzem) for $9.50
Breguet (Dr.Greffier & Marseille) for $11.50
Breguet (Grebil & Carron) for $11.50
Breguet 96th Squadron (Browning & Duke) for $11.50
Rumpler C.IV C. (MFFA 2) for $11.50
Rumpler C.IV C. (8267/17) for $11.50
Rumpler C.IV C. (8012/17) for $11.50
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