Rick Dunn aka Gen.Patton, Patton and Patton1942

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Rick Dunn aka Gen.Patton, Patton and Patton1942

Post by MagickalMemories » Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:43 pm

Yet another person who thinks they can multi-account to escape negative references.

We have successfully linked the following accounts together as being the same person (Rick Dunn):
Gen.Patton (Ref Score 6 -No negatives)
Patton (Ref Score -2 -Negative for scamming)
Patton1942 (Ref Score 36 -Negative for scamming)

Patton has received negative references for scamming on TWO of the THREE of these ID's.
Additionally, if you search for Rick by name, you'll find a grand total of FOUR negatives.. all for scamming.
Granted, one looks like it may have been left by the same person, but under a different User ID (and we're looking into that)... but I think 3 is enough, anyway.

While we were looking into Rick, he spoke with another member of site staff. Rick stated that only Patton1942 was him and that he never had any other ID.

Later, I received a PM from him.
Patton1942 wrote:Hi would like to make a request when I first joined and typed in my user name Patton but this was already taken or I did something wrong and have been told I have 2 user name so can you remove Patton and keep the name I been using Patton1942 Thanks.
Does he think I'm an idiot?
Seriously, people. We're not stupid here! We *do* communicate. At least keep your lies consistent.

I even asked him if there were any more I should be aware of while I was "cleaning up the database."
He had no idea that I was already onto him. At this point, I was just letting him dig his own grave a bit deeper.
Patton1942 wrote:Hi yes Sir that's the only one.

Thank you.
A bit more searching (a collaborative effort between myself and the ever-impressive imp522) discovered more information on him (the following actually happened PRIOR to his emails above):

That's a TMP ad by Viper911:
Hi I looking for some BTD Dwarf please let me know if you have some you can also email me at rjdunn62 at hotmail dot com


I decided to check patton1942's post history to see if I could tie it to Viper911's post on TMP.
Now, look here:
Want Black Tree Design Dwarfs
by Patton1942 » Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:05 pm

Hi All looking for BTD Dwarfs box set. please let me know what you have and price.


The ads match.
That's no biggie.
The big deal is that the email address he gave on TMP matches the email on the "Patton" ID that he claimed (at the time) wasn't him. You know... the one with negative references?
So, the Patton email matches the Viper911 email and the Viper911 post matches the patton1942 post.

Rick Dunn has been banned from the site. Any deals you had with him should be considered null. If you do decide to contact him outside the site after this point and complete any trades, please know that they will not be considered Bartertown trades.
If anything goes wrong, they will not be reportable (please, note that this does not include deals that are already underway).

Any comments or questions on this should be DIRECTED TO STAFF VIA PM and not posted into this thread.

Thank you.

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