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Advertising on Bartertown - Fees & Policies

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:56 pm
by Linrandir is a website for the buying, selling and trading of tabletop hobbies, games and supplies. Our users have traded everything from pewter miniatures to paintball guns to computer hardware to every trading card game ever invented. Bartertown was started on a university server in September of 1996 and recently celebrated its Twelfth anniversary.

Bartertown offers an excellent value for your advertising dollar. In 2007, we averaged over 1,450 unique visitors a day, up from our average of 1,300 a day in 2006. There are over 14,000 page views a day and more hits than we can keep track of. Generally speaking, though, hits are not a good statistical metric simply because graphic files (such as the banner ads) that download with each page view also count as “hits.”
  • As a Bartertown advertiser, you receive the following:
  • A guaranteed ten thousand banner impressions per month. If you get more than 10,000 impressions in a given month, it's free. If you get less than 10,000 banner impressions, the balance will be made up by extending your advertising through part of the next month until the 10,000 mark is reached.
  • The ability to post in the trading sections more frequently than regular users. You may post pictures of store events, banner ads, sales specials or any other information about your business you'd like the public to know.
  • The ability to have sales specials prominently displayed on the site via Global Announcements.
If you have an idea for expanded advertiser functionality, let us know! We'll see if it's possible and incorporate it if we like it.

Bartertown uses a quarterly billing cycle centered on the first of the quarter (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st). Our advertising rates are as follows (all listed figures are for a one-time payment):
1 year (4 quarters) - $325
6 months (2 quarters) - $175
3 months (1 quarter) - $99
if you sign up today, the rest of the quarter is free. Paypal or checks are accepted. Exact details will be provided when you let us know you'd like to sign on.

Should you decide to cancel, you are free to do so at any time and you will receive a pro-rated refund based on unused advertising. Refunds are pro-rated to the day which we are notified of your cancellation. If you received part of a quarter of free advertising it will be averaged in with the paid advertising.
Example: $99 for 3 months of advertising with one month free; should you cancel after one month your refund will be $99 divided by 3/4 (being three out of four months not used), or $72.45.

In order to advertise on Bartertown, you must be an established business with either years of sales, a physical storefront, established eBay account (minimum age 6 months with no less than 95% positive feedback), references, or something similar. It is, however, very rare that an issue of authentication arises.

We would be very happy to have you on board with us as an advertiser and hope that we can establish a mutually beneficial business relationship. Please don't hesitate to contact MagickalMemories if you have any questions.

Re: Advertising on Bartertown - Fees & Policies

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:24 am
by MagickalMemories
Effective today, 06/24/2009, we have a "new deal."

In the current global economic downturn, prices are rising. Everything's getting more expensive.
We're offering a deal that will expand your advertising possibilities.

We now have a 6 month bonus plan for the same cost as the regular 6 month rate (6 months [2 quarters] - $175).

For $175 and a (full sized) banner exchange (static or cycling with other banners) on your website for the duration of your contract with us, we will give you 3 "free" months advertising on top of the 6 you pay for. That's, potentially, up to a $99 savings.

That's all. It's that simple.

Please note, however, that these months will not be taken into account for sake of cancellation refunds. As they are a bonus, your monthly costs are still calculated at the 6 month rate.

As always, please PM me (MagickalMemories) or Linrandir if you have any questions regarding advertising and/or our rates.
[12/11/2011 Edit: Please, contact me and CC Linrandir]



Re: Advertising on Bartertown - Fees & Policies

Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2011 3:04 am
by MagickalMemories
Here is a bit more information on what we need from potential advertisers and what you can expect for your advertising dollars. Some information below may repeat what has already been said:

Before becoming an advertiser, we require the following information:
Your Full Name:
Company/Business name:
Your address (your home or the address of your business):
Your phone number (your home or the number for your business):
A working email address:

We will not give out your personal information to anyone, unless they provide proof that you are not following through on your end of a Bartertown based deal. Once we have that verified proof, we will try to contact you ourselves. Should that fail or not produce results, we will provide them with any information we have on you and REQUEST that they not share it with anyone or post it publicly with the understanding that we cannot control or be held responsible for what they do with it.

Advertisers are expected to follow our rules just as regular members (viewtopic.php?f=44&t=45470). Especially important is the part about what items are acceptable as trade goods. This goes for sale and advertised auction items, as well. Also, nothing that violates copyright in any country is allowed for sale.

That covers it. Once you provide me with the information I'm required to get and I verify it, I can get you set up.

As for what you can expect for your money:
Your User ID will be changed to a bright blue. This is an easy way for our members to recognize Advertisers. Your advertising dollars keep the site free for regular users and many of them choose to spend their gaming dollars with advertisers first whenever possible. In fact, Bartertown actively encourages this.

As a regular member, your trade ad posting limitation is 1 ad per forum every 7 calendar days. As an advertiser, this limitation is reduced to 4 days. Again, however, that limit is lifted in your own suforum.

At your request, you will receive your own subforum here:
The title will be your company name and, if you desire, we can add a tag line of up to 50 characters. Only you and Bartertown staff will have the ability to start new threads in this subforum, though any member can respond to threads. Staff will only post new threads in your forum in case of emergency or at your request.
This will allow you to start polls, WIP threads, news posts, trade ads or anything else you can think of within Bartertown rules and still receive feedback from our member base. The advertisers who stay the most active in their own subforum receive the most attention and "hits."
You are not bound by the standard "4 day" limitation on trade ads in your own forum. You can post new ads in there as often as you want/need.

We also have a special thread for advertisers. Only staff and advertisers can see and post in it. This allows you to network with other advertisers or post questions or requests for staff. Should you post a request in that forum, the first staff member who is capable of addressing it will do so for you.

Please, PM me and let me know if you have any questions about this.