Fantastic Trading with Salsa the hutt!

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Fantastic Trading with Salsa the hutt!

Post by TheHemogoblin » Mon Jun 26, 2017 6:42 pm

First time trader here!

I had contacted Salsa the hutt in regards to some cards he had up for trade. After my misreading his post and offering things he was looking to trade away, I offered to pay cash as I didn't have any items he was seeking. However, because I'm Canadian and assume everyone is from the US, and on the off chance I could avoid our garbage exchange rate, I also offered some things related to his trade wants. He politely declined, but to both our delight he told me he too was in Canada. So! I paid him the USD offer but in CAD (more money for him!) and I got to avoid paying more in shipping plus the exchange.

Salsa the hutt was very kind and pleasant to deal with. He was great at communicating his requirements for the trade and was very patient with me a newbie, keeping everything drama free, despite my offering him things he already had lol

Shipping was fast and well packaged, and the cards arrived problem-free!

I would highly recommend trading with Salsa the hutt if you have the opportunity to, and hopefully I'll get another chance to do so as well.

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