Great Trade with DontStop

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Great Trade with DontStop

Post by nilgiccas » Mon May 08, 2017 2:08 pm

First time trader here. I organized to trade my Legion of Everblight army for his Minions army, full swap. It was my first time going through a trade online where the product is worth over 1k, so it was awesome to have DontStop on the other end. He was contentious and helpful thorough the process, making sure that we were both in communication while waiting for the trade to complete. Unfortunately, when I shipped my side, I did not pack the models well enough and he had to do some gluing on his end but was understanding at my noobishness. The insufficient packing was a lesson learned by me, and I can't thank DontStop enough for the awesome experience throughout this trade.

Thank you DontStop. Looking forward to trading again with you in the future when the stars re-align.

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