What a time to start a game store!

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What a time to start a game store!

Post by wargmer » Tue Apr 07, 2020 1:18 am

After much fretting and sweating and getting everything to fall into place, we launched our web site and Facebook page with plans to do our grand opening of the brick-and-mortar on April 4th....NOT! As they say...the best laid plans of mice and men...so this first post is not full of "come check us out" or "get the full line of Games Workshop products now!" that we'd hoped to declare.

Instead, we got a basic stock of GW stuff, as well as a bunch of Blood & Plunder goodness, before everyone shut down for the virus. We do have some stuff that I'll post on here as I can, but please do check out our Facebook page and our web site....Waterloo Games or www.waterloogames.com...to keep up with happenings in our neck of the woods!

Until the wheels start turning again...GAME ON!
Practice the Golden Rule in all you do!

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