H: Mercs, Priced to Move; W: $$$, Skorne, Ret, Khador

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H: Mercs, Priced to Move; W: $$$, Skorne, Ret, Khador

Postby Tainted Coil » Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:06 am

Hello Bartertown,

I have the following Merc/Minion models for sale or trade. The unbuilt models are still in the packaging. The painted models are done to a very good standard that I hold myself too. The unpainted models are well built. Basically, these are just extra Mercs I don't use anymore so I am looking to move them. Looking to sell at this time but I will also trade if you have the right models in good condition (see below).

Mercs for Sale
Gun Mages + UA
Max Boomhowlers
Max Ogrun Assault Corps
Devils Shadow
Herne and Jonne
Sgt. Nick

Max Croe's
Lynus and Edrea
3 Steelhead Cav

1 Box Steelhead Cav (3 models)
2 Blisters of Devil Dogs

In total this is $550 retail. I will sell via Payal for appoximately 65% off or $200. I am not looking to break up the lot.

In trade I would take some combination of:
Skorne Hydra
Siege Crawler
Unbuilt Plastic Devastator
Unbuilt Extreme Titan Gladiator
Zaadesh 1
Zaadesh 2

If you have some combination of the models I am looking to trade for that come close to the $200 I will trade in your favor. A mix of trade and cash is also acceptable.

Thanks for looking and feel free to PM!
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