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Buying from HarveyDent's FOAC Games

Post by HarveyDent » Sat Aug 15, 2015 1:21 am

Welcome to HarveyDent's Flip-of-a-Coin Games!

If you've been here on, you probably know me - HarveyDent - as one of its highest rated traders.

A bit about me:
I've been a member here for about nine years, and now it's time to branch out into new endeavors. In my 26 years of gaming I've worked for a game company, done gaming retail promotions, played competitively in lots of tournaments, and run my own brick-and-mortar store. The times truly are changing, though, which is the main reason I started Flip-of-a-Coin Games. Additionally:
* I've worked in customer service for a long time, so I believe in excellent service, fair gaming prices, and fast shipping.
* As we get older, we spend more time with our families - online shopping is more of a necessity. Gaming can also be a great educational tool, as well as a fun time for gamers of any age.
* Wargaming these days is expensive, so while we're all waiting for prices to go down, I might as well provide you with a competitive alternative!

Why not make gaming easier, reliable, faster, and cheaper? Whether you're a Stars-and-Stripes kind of gamer, or a Maple Leaf afficionado, I have deals for you!

You can also find us on Facebook - just send us a message and we'll be in touch! ... 99?fref=ts

On to the details:

The items listed in this section of the Advertisers forum are for sale as priced.

If there’s something you want that’s not on the list, please don’t hesitate to ask. I get new stuff all the time, so it's possible that I actually have it.

Making a Deal and Sending Payment

When you have looked over the sale list and decide what you'd like (or what you'd like to know about a product you're interested in), please send me a private message. I don't want my forum to get piled full of Q&A that should be undertaken privately.

Once we finalize a deal via private message, I will send you payment information. I accept payment via PayPal, personal check, money order, postal money order, and cash (yes, it has happened, but I advise against it!). I do request that I receive full payment for all items and shipping costs before I ship. If you pay with a personal check, I will deposit your check and wait for it to clear. If there is some delay in payment via PayPal, the same process will apply. If other immediate methods of payment are used, shipping will happen as soon as possible.


When I request payment, I state when your item(s) will ship. I will stick to my shipping date, and my shipping price. Your items will ship USPS First Class or Priority, unless you request USPS Ground (which takes 7-8 days). All books will ship separately via Media Mail (unless it is possible to include them in a flat rate package), which takes 7-10 days, and is much cheaper than Priority for the weight. In some instances, I won't be able to estimate shipping costs up front. In this case I will request overpayment for shipping, and I will refund the difference after paying. This only really happens when shipping to far away locations, or with very large packages, but is relatively rare.

I ship as cheaply as possible, but I want your items to get to you as fast as possible. This means that I will ship either the same day, or the day after you buy something (depending on the time of day). I am always trying to find cheaper ways to ship, so if it's not cheap enough for you now, it might be in the future. If for some reason I can't fulfill my end of our deal (later date of shipping, products are out of stock), I will let you know as soon as I do so we can re-evaluate and modify things as you see fit. This does happen every now and then because I live in the real world, just like the rest of you :)

Resolving Problems & Leaving Feedback

If there's a problem with something you get from me - yes it happens occasionally, especially with used items - let me know! We can definitely find a good solution to the problem quickly and easily, and to your satisfaction. If there's something you need to know about a product you're buying, please inquire about it before we finalize our deal. That alone will solve 99% of any issues that could potentially crop up. I'm very easy to deal with and very understanding, and occasionally willing to cut better deals.

When you receive your items, please leave feedback for me. If you have a problem with something you've purchased, please contact me about resolving the issue before leaving feedback. I am more than willing to take care of any problems to your satisfaction before finishing our deal process. I would love to keep my perfect feedback rating here on B-Town, and I want to make sure your feedback rating increases too!

I'm looking forward to selling good products for good prices, so please let me know what you need!
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