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Bartertown Information/Rules (READ THIS)

Post by Linrandir » Fri Apr 01, 2005 2:54 pm

[4/20/2012 Admin Update]Please note that, in any instance where the rules in this thread are different than the ones here (), the ones in the link take precedence. Those are the rules listed in the actual "Forum Rules" forum and are kept current. This is an old post and was the predecessor to those rules.
PM an Admin if you have any questions.
[/4/20/2012 Admin Update]

Please note that this is a "living" document and will be occasionally updated. I will present the rules in a very concise fashion, and the explanations can follow later as needed. Please note that these rules apply to all Bartertown forums unless specifically stated otherwise. These rules are the most recent, updated version and there is no 'grandfather clause.'

The first rule, the proverbial ...Rule #0: The buck stops with me. If you have a Question/Problem, ASK FIRST.
Just click on one of those little buttons at the bottom of the post: email, AIM, or private message. I generally get back to people within three to five days. Please be patient with me, as I have other professional and personal commitments that take priority over Bartertown. If I am not available or you need an immediate response, try contacting one of the following people: MagickalMemories, Porkuslime, Nuwisha, Lord_Nagash, or Morlock-Bloodletter.

The Bartertown Staff (names in green or red) are people who have volunteered their time to help police the forums and generally keep things rolling. They are empowered by me to add, modify, or delete posts as appropriate. If you have a problem with them or their actions, talk to one of the Administrators (red names) about it. However, if you can't provide a reasoned and logical complaint (as defined in the Appeals Section below) you will be ignored.

This also means that I am the final arbitrator in all disputes. Believe me, I'd rather leave this unsaid but there are people who need everything spelled out. When it comes to these forums, my interpretation stands. Don't think you're being clever if you play rules-lawyer with any of us - the spirit as well as the letter of the law holds sway here. Of course, no one is always right and I'm always open to a well-reasoned appeal of a decision (see below for more on that).

Rule #1: PLAY FAIR.
We all learned this rule in Kindergarten. Don't cheat, tell the whole truth, help out "around the house," be nice to others, be responsible for what you do, follow the rules, and treat others how you'd like to be treated yourself. Everything else from here on down is either administrivia or specific examples of how to PLAY FAIR. The adult version of this rule sounds like this: Don't Be A D*ck.

If you're not sure, ask FIRST. If you're not sure, ask FIRST. Do not go ahead and do something, then beg forgiveness later. This is one of the few cases I will over-rule a more merciful staff member who might get to you first. There is no forgiveness to be had, there is only permission to be asked beforehand.

Rule #2: These boards are to be used for BUY/SELL/TRADE PURPOSES ONLY (this includes the Bad Trader Forums).
If you have a gripe with another poster, take it to Private Messages or use the appropriate complaint forum - Deadbeat/Backout OR Bad Trader Reporting. If the situation is particularly egregious, notify one of the BT Staff members.

Please do not start topics regarding politics, religion, race, or other sensitive issues unless they directly affect the Bartertown community AND relate to gaming. For example, Net Neutrality is an issue that is Very Important to us. Islamic extremism on the internet? Not so much. Religious people who have a hate-on for Dungeons & Dragons starting a petition to have it banned? That's relevant. Make sense?
Should you start flaming or cluttering up the boards with your irrelevant posts, your post will be nuked and you will be warned. Disregard the warning and you will be suspended. Do it again and you will be banned.

Rule#3: Multiple User Accounts: One User Account Per Person, One Person Per User Account ONLY. EVER!
Having multiple accounts does not make one look like a trustworthy person. That is why it is forbidden. It makes you look like you're violating rule #1.

Furthermore, you may not share your Bartertown user account with anyone else. The only exception to this may occur with specific written administrative permission, and that's when a minor has an account and their parent or legal guardian is 'looking over their shoulder.' If you're a minor and your parent wants to see what you're doing here or post as you, have them contact me. I will require some manner of proof that they are who they say they are.

Rule #4: Ad format: Use a proper DESCRIPTIVE Title & Content
If you want to post your ad in multiple relevant forums, which is good, then please title your ad appropriately.

Good example: "Have Eldar and Tau, want to trade for Dark Elves and Empire." This will fit NICELY in the 40K and Fantasy sections!

Bad example: "Have Eldar and Tau." If this shows up in the fantasy section, it will be nuked!
Other BAD examples:
  • "Have stuff."
    "H: Various W: Various"
    "H: Lots W: Lots"
Rule 4a: You are also responsible for accurately describing all items in your ad.
That includes version, condition, assembly status, converted or not, painted or not, any missing pieces and any other information you think might be helpful. Failure to do so may result in the other party filing a Backout Trader or Bad Trader report against you.

Rule #5: Do not hijack other people's threads.
If you want to talk trade with someone who has posted a response to a third party's thread, take it to email, Private Message (PM) or start your own thread.

Do not attack people's ads if you feel they don't conform to Bartertown rules (Please also note rule #1). Notify a moderator, follow rule #0, and then let it go. We will make the appropriate decision(s).

Additionally, do not attack people's ads EVER. That means no commenting on prices, conditions, quantities, the trader themselves, past history, or anything else that is not directly and relevantly linked to the current trade ad and or transaction(s).

If you feel your thread has been hijacked or comments are going WAY off topic, please contact Bartertown Staff via PM and we will investigate. On the other hand, if you want to take your OWN thread off topic, feel free, but no calling foul if someone else then takes your off-topic even further off topic.

Rule #6: Please make sure to read the Good & Bad Trader Forum. .
It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that the person you're dealing with is legitimate. Threatening us with legal action won't get you anywhere.
When posting to the Bad Trader or Deadbeats & Backouts forums, please read and follow the rules posted at the top of each forum.

Rule #7: Be Polite (So important, we said it twice!)
Abusive or inappropriate language towards any other Bartertown user is not acceptable - doubly so when directed at a Staff member who notifies you of a rule violation. We reserve the right to escalate the consequence you've earned if you decide to vent at us. The definition of "abusive or inappropriate language" starts by applying Rule #1. Do note that Bartertown Staff members have the right to determine what qualifies as abusive or inappropriate at their discretion.

Rule #8: eBay & other Auction Sites, Stores, and Advertisements.
Any eBay or other off-site advertisements found wandering inappropriately (TBD by BT staff) will be executed with extreme prejudice. Repeat offenders will be banned from the site. This includes people who try to sneak links/banners for their stores or current auctions into their signature files. This stricture applies to off-site hosting as well unless you have specific written administrative permission stating otherwise. See rule #15 for what we consider a store.

Rule #8a: Bartertown Advertisers May Ignore Rule #8.
Bartertown Advertisers - with darker blue usernames - are encouraged to put links & banners to their sites in their signature files and post in their respective forums. Bartertown Users are encouraged to visit the Advertisers' stores and spend money there. The advertisers make BT free for you to use.

Rule #8b: Don't Play Both Sides Against Each Other
Do not post an item on eBay and post a trade ad for it on Bartertown. That is unfair to eBay buyers and especially Bartertowners. If we find out you're doing this, you can expect a month's vacation.

Helpful Hint: The community does not care about your standing on eBay or anywhere else. Bartertown references are the proverbial currency of the realm if you want to show how trustworthy you are.

Rule #9: Concerning 'acceptable' trade goods people have asked about:
Nothing that violates the law in the United States. That includes copyright law, federal law, state law, local law...get the idea?
No weapons of any kind. This is not a political statement, this is a rule of the website as decided by Trademaster Adam and myself.
Anyone who posts an ad asking for firearms or other weapons in trade for anything will be immediately and permanently banned.
Unacceptable Trade Goods People Have Asked About: (and yes, people have asked!)
• Guns; Any weapon that fires projectiles with the intent to maim or pierce the skin and cause bodily harm or kill.,
• Rifles,
• Shotguns,
• Automatic or semi-automatic Firearms,
• cans of spam,
• bows,
• arrows,
• crossbows,
• Firearm or archery accessories are NOT acceptable.That means no magazines (what holds the bullets), clips, parts, shells, reloading equipment, gunpowder, ammunition, sights, or anything else I deem related to such.
• shuriken,
• shaken,
• Animals or animal parts are NOT acceptable trade materials. We're just not going to go there. For that matter, human beings or any of their constituent parts aren't acceptable trade materials either.
• sharpened spoons,
• blades of any length or type,
• polearms,
• explosives,
• combustibles - though cans of spray paint and primer are acceptable,
• blunt-force instruments (batons, nightsticks, tonfa, escrima, etc) or boots-to-the-head. That includes practice weapons like SCA and Olympic fencing gear, dulled aluminum samurai swords, tree branches, darts, plastic kitchenware and cooking pans.
If you think something MIGHT be a Weapon, Ask a Staff Member FIRST before posting!

Acceptable Trade Goods People Have Asked About:
• Paintball markers/guns and accessories/equipment
• Airsoft markers/guns and accessories/equipment
• "Boffer" style weapons made of PVC pipe and foam padding are acceptable. If you have questions whether or not your item qualifies as "boffer" then contact me before you post. I will clarify.

Rule #10: Use discretion when trading for adult-related material.
ie DVDs, VHS, or whatever. There are a lot of minors who trade on this website and we don't need some angry parent threatening to shut us down because their kid picked up a p0rn0 DVD.

Rule #11: ITL or Reference intimidation
ITL (AKA Reference) intimidation is a first-offense ban.

What qualifies as ITL intimidation?
In its most direct form, ITL intimidation is when someone says something like "If you give me a bad trader report, I'm gonna give you one."
Anything that is not so direct, like "If you don't give me a good trade report, you'll regret it" also may qualify. Note that giving someone retaliatory feedback qualifies as well. No free hits.
If you are not sure, please contact either myself or one of the moderators. The equivalent level of evidence required for filing a bad trade report is necessary: emails with headers, PMs, and so forth.

YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO LEAVE FEEDBACK. If you don't, you can't really complain when someone says "this guy's a jerk - he never left me any feedback!" Should you just forget and someone leaves you what you consider to be an unjust reference, please see the 30-day feedback appeal rule below. I would consider leaving an appropriate feedback for them in exchange for having your own feedback edited acceptable and not 'intimidation' per se. Everyone makes mistakes, and not everyone is abundantly patient.

Rule #11a: Statute of Limitations
You now have thirty (30) calendar days after a feedback has been posted on the ITL to appeal it. Please note this does NOT apply to properly submitted Bad Trader Reports.

Rule #12: Digital paraphernalia (accounts, items, cards, etc) Are Not Acceptable Trade Goods.
Do not post ads selling or soliciting MMORPG accounts, items, or currency. No Everquest, no Diablo 2, no Star Wars Galaxies, no World of Warcraft, or anything else in the multi-player online roleplaying game genre. Do not think you are being clever by selling a CD and sticking a piece of paper with your account information in the package with it. That still counts as a violation and you will be banned if we find out about it.

Furthermore, no online collectible card game items/accounts/currencies. If you've got a super-awesome card on Magic Online, DO NOT come here to trade it.

If you have a WoW trading card that can affect the online WoW game, contact an Administrator BEFORE you post it for trade.

Rule #13: Ad Posting & "Post Bumping"
Please note that Bartertown users are limited to one topic/ad per forum per seven calendar days.
For those of you who don't understand this: Look at a calendar. If I post an ad on 3 July in the 40k forum I may not repost an ad to that forum until 10 July. That is seven calendar days. It's a legal term.

Let's say I have some LOTR Riders of Rohan I want to get rid of and other miscellaneous stuff from WHFB and 40K. I can post an ad with those items together in the LOTR, WHFB and 40K forums. Seven calendar days later, I can post another ad with the same items OR I can edit the ad at any time.
What I can't do is relist the items every day in each forum.

Helpful Hint: The idea here is to prevent excessive promotion of one's trade/sale items or discussion topics. Users are prohibited via software from making more than one new topic per seven days, but there are other ways to self-promote. It's awkward wording, but "post bumping" is a term understood by the greatest number of people.

If you've got items that fit into multiple categories, you may cross-post given the stricture above. You may update your ad as you see fit provided your purpose is not to attempt any form of bumping.
Updating an ad is not bumping if there have been changes made to the inventory or pricing presented in the ad. It is bumping if "hey i still have this stuff available" is all that's written, or something to that extent.
Interest shown in an ad is not bumping. If you see something posted a few days ago that catches your fancy (and it's not your ad!) replying is not bumping.

The sole exception to this, as anyone who sees an Admin's feedback will note, is when we are testing the ITL recording and display system. Note that we are very specific about what the feedback is. Violation of this will result in immediate and permanent banning.

Rule #15: If you are a business, you must advertise with us.
This includes painters, ebay stores, online forums, artists, online stores, physical stores, and any permutation I missed wherein you operate any kind of for-profit entity and/or take money, goods, or services in exchange for goods or services. If you're not sure, contact me and we'll sort something out.
Advertisers support Bartertown and keep it free for the users. We offer a good deal with very impressive site statistics. Contact me (Linrandir) or MagickalMemories for more details. You can also look here: ... 44&t=74080

Rule #15a: Clarification..If you are operating a business, and you're conducting transactions or soliciting here without our consent, we will ask you to advertise. If you decline, we respectfully request you cease *all* activities on the site and leave. That includes people who have advertisements for goods or services in their signature files or people who solicit via PM. Things like "I'm a painter for hire - PM me for details" when you're not advertising here are just plain disrespectful and rude to the community.

Rule #15b: Forum owners: Talk to us about banner exchanges! The internet is plenty big enough, provided everyone plays fair.

You like this site? THANK THE ADVERTISERS BY SPENDING MONEY WITH THEM (oh, and tell them you heard about their store from us!).

Disciplinary Measures
Would that these be not necessary, but they are. Please note that severity of offense (and therefore level of disciplinary action taken) is at the discretion of Bartertown Staff. Also note that any language deemed abusive or inappropriate towards any Bartertown Staff member or other Bartertown user will incur the penalties below at the discretion of the Admin or Moderator. Repetition of offense incurs the next higher penalty as appropriate.

First Violation
Violating any of these rules the first time will, depending on severity, earn you the following: A formal board warning and/or a two week account suspension. Note that in 99% of cases you will only receive a formal warning unless you do something to escalate the situation. In that case, the consequence you earn will be escalated as well.

Second Violation
Again depending on severity, you will earn one of three consequences:
1. Two Week account suspension
2. One Month Account suspension
3. Account Termination with negative ITL reference left.

Third Violation
Only one outcome: You are banned from the site. Your account will be inactivated, your email address will be banned, and a negative reference will be left for you on the ITL with as much information on you as we can gather.
Process of Appeal
Very simple. Email me (Linrandir) and present your case. If you are appealing a decision I have made, your appeal will be forwarded to another Administrator who was not directly involved in your situation. Be advised that correct logic, evidence (as per a Bad Trader Report) and clear thinking will get you farther than playing rules lawyer, arguing semantics, threats, personal attacks, or appealing to my sentimental nature. Use of any logical fallacies in your appeal will not be looked upon kindly. I, or another uninvolved Administrator, will investigate the situation and render a final judgment. We reserve the right to modify consequences as we deem appropriate.

Do Not make me ask for you to provide evidence. If you appeal something without evidence you are wasting everyone's time and I will not dignify you with a reply.
Do Not send multiple emails, Private Messages, or other communications beyond the first unless you have something substantive to add. A "reminder," however well intentioned, is not substantive.

Once you've been contacted to confirm receipt of your appeal, the wheels will turn until a decision has been reached. You will be notified when the decision has been reached. Appeals will either be granted or denied; Bartertown Staff reserve the right to render judgment and issue consequences based on criteria of our choosing. We are not obligated to share said criteria with anyone.
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Post by Linrandir » Fri Sep 16, 2005 6:14 pm

The above were the rules. Now, here are some suggestions to make your Btown experience better. Contributors, you know who you are. Thank you.

On Trading
Be as specific as possible in your ads and in your communications with the interested party. Include pictures where possible (not everyone owns a scanner or digicam so we can't make this a requirement).

Exact counts and conditions of models are appreciated by all parties. Condition of the model includes the following:
Damaged or not
Pieces missing
Converted or Original
Still in the original package?
What kind of work has been done to it? Have the flash-lines been removed?

Negotiations are left up to the individuals concerned. We do ask that you treat your trade partners as you would like them to treat you.

Lastly, before you finalize anything, CHECK THE ITL & the BAD TRADER FORUM!!
Better safe than scammed.

On Shipping
Get their address and phone # when possible. Agree on who ships first, how they ship (UPS, USPS, etc). I strongly recommend Delivery Confirmation and/or Insurance if you use the post office.

Typically, the trader with the lowest rating ships first, but that is negotiable.

Overseas shipping requires you fill out Customs forms. Don't lie on the customs forms, it's a violation of federal law.

Share your shipping information with your trade partner. If you sent it yesterday via USPS with delivery confirmation, email the DC number to your trade partner.

On Feedback
It is your responsibility to leave feedback for your trading partners. The ITL is what sets Btown apart and lets honest traders build a reputation. It only takes about a minute to leave feedback. LEAVE FEEDBACK!! :-)
Bartertown users generally don't care about eBay feedback or reputations from other sites - so if you're a new user here, be prepared to ship first until you get your reputation up to the point where people consider you trustworthy.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns contact me.
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Administrative Transparency: Anything you write me can and will be made public should I deem it necessary. Anything I write to you? Same deal. Fair is fair.

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Post by Linrandir » Tue Jan 31, 2006 1:01 pm

Here's a quick FAQ based on common email questions I get.

"I switched email accounts over the years and lost trade references, how do I get them pointed to this account"
The Bartertown feedback system uses your login as the primary record-keeper for your feedback now, before it was email.

We can switch your references over to your new email. Please contact Trademaster Adam via email or PM and he will put you on the list to change over. This will take a week or so to finish, might be longer.

"I can't access my account!"
Make sure your caps lock is turned off. That happens a lot. If you get an error message, contact me and I will see what I can do for you. Sometimes the database just hiccups (it's happened to me too).

"Where'd my posts go??"
If all your ads just vanished, chances are you broke the multiple postings rule (#12). A moderator should have PM'd you a warning. Please read and follow the rules. :-)

More as they're needed!
New to Bartertown?
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Got ripped off?
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Administrative Transparency: Anything you write me can and will be made public should I deem it necessary. Anything I write to you? Same deal. Fair is fair.

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