H: WM, CSM, BA, X-Wing, LOTR w/ Dunlendings W: Farrow, LOTR, Tau Bolt Action Germans

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H: WM, CSM, BA, X-Wing, LOTR w/ Dunlendings W: Farrow, LOTR, Tau Bolt Action Germans

Post by Envy89 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 4:58 am

Internation shipping has gotten out of hand so i will have to look at them on a case by case basis.

***I am willing to trade X-Wing at minimum of %25 to your favor (likely more) for most things on my list***

Prices on most GW stuff is %30 to %40 off retail excluding painted armies
Prices on warmachine is %50 off retail
If you are buying then free shipping at $100(USD) spent

1x waywatcher lord painted
1x Bret treb (partial paint)

Painted Winged Nurgle DP
painted Typhus
21x painted plague marines (CSM with forge world upgrade kits)
3x painted Oblits (most recent metal sclupts)

Dark Angels
Very nicely painted libby from the DV box
12 robed marines (10 plastic 2 metal)

Blood Angels army - Flesh Tearers
painted to a standard that won me 3rd place in space marines on parade. Company marking on shoulder pads and squad markings on knee pads.
1x libby
2x apoths
5x sang guard
23x assault marines

Blood Bowl
Starter set Humans
Starter set Orcs
delux siringit team by Impact minis

24 Wood elf warriors
12 Warriors of Rohan
min of 12 riders of Rohan (likely more, can dig if you are interested)
Gamling on foot
Theoden foot and mounted (metal)
8x Finecast Guards of the Fountain court
40+ elf warriors of the last alliance with bows and elven blades
20+ human warriors of the last alliance
40+ warriors of gondor
23x Painted moria Goblins
More mordor orcs then i know what to do with.
2x OOP Metal Mordor troll

4 Wildmen of dunland
8 Dunlending warriors with shields
6 dunlening warriors with 2H axes
12 dunlending warriors with bows
1 dunlending command.

War of the ring movement trays (both cav and foot troop trays)

A Game of Thrones minis game
1x lanister half of a starter box
1x 2 player stark vs lanister starter sets

Warmachine: Mercs
1x Captian damino
1x Metal Mule
1x Min units of Steelhead Heavy cav (missing some bits, Less then $2 to replace them from PP)
1x Magnus 2
1x Tallon
2x renagade
1x Mangler

1x Captn Shea
1x First mate hawk
1x Bosun grogspar
1x lord rockbottom
1x Master gunner dougal mcnaile
1x bloody bradagin
1x doc killingsworth
1x Mr. Walls
Lady ayna and master holt
Commadores cannon and crew

OOP GF9 Menoth altar of Flame

over $1,500 retail in X-Wing..... Buy the entire lot for $700 with free shipping! thats over %50 off.

***Prices next to ships are retail value... NOT what im asking. had a trade fall through where i listed the retail value of each ship and figured no reason to delete it all***

Mercs $320 retail
1x hounds tooth $40
1x slave 1 $30
1x Punishing one $30
1x mist hunter $20
2x IG - 2000 $60 ($30 each)
1x Most wanted $40
2x star vipers $40 ($20 each)
2x M3 A interceptors $30 ($15 each)
2x Kihraxs fighters $30 ($15 each)

Empire $290 retail
1x TIE fighter $15
1x TIE FO $15
1x TIE interceptor $15
1x set of imperial aces $30 (2 more interceptors)
2x tie defenders $30
2x tie phantoms $30
1x inquisitors tie $15
1x tie bomber $15
2x tie punishers $40
1x tie advanced $15
1x vt-49 decimator $40
1x Lambda shuttle $30

Rebels $375 retail
1x rebel aces $30
1x falcon $30
1x YT-2400 $30
1x ghost $50
2x K wings $40
1x T-70 x wing $15
1x X wings $15
1x HWK $15
2x E wings $30
2x Z-95 headhunters $30
2x Y wings $30
2x B wings $30
2x A wings $30

core sets $160 retail
3x X wing starter sets $120
1x Force awakens starter set $40

big toys $320 retail
1x Rebel transport $60
1x Tantive IV $90
1x imperial assault carrier $70
1x Imperial raider $100

Death star 2 play matt $40

asorted dice, astroids and range finders from a few starter sets

Plano 732 tackle box that holds just about everything $40 from walmart.

I also have an assortment of Terrain pieces made from hirst art blocks that i no longer need. some basic ruins, Ruins with spider webs and some sandbag emplacements.

Small force of Wargames foundry vikings. hand weapon and shield and bows mostly with some berzerkers and command


My list of things I am looking for.


2x boxes of knights of dol amroth (plastic)
12 men at arms of dol amroth (metal or finecast)

The witch king of angmar (metal)
Khamul the easterling (metal)
The Dwimmerlaik
The Undying
The Tainted

Amdur Lord of Blades
Easterling Kataphrakts (plastic)

mauhur marauders command
Uruk Hai scouts (plastic or metal is fine)

The Spider Queen

between 6 and 9 Dead Marsh specters

Would consider most Khandish stuff

Current ME / LOTR books
Newest edition of battle companies
Scouring of the shire

Older LOTR Books
The Battle of the Pelennor Fields
The Fall of the Necromancer

WARHAMMER 40K **Lower priority**
1x Ghostkeel battlesuit (MUST BE UNBUILT)
1x XV88 Broadsides (New plastic kit only, MUST BE UNBUILT)
1x crisis suit commander (newest kit only, MUST BE UNBUILT)
1x Farsight (newest kit only, MUST BE NIB UNBUILT)
2x hammerheads (Unbuilt)
2 to 3 devilfish (unbuilt)


***Do not care if these are built / painted as long as the entire mini is there***

Ossrum ** high priority**
1 or 2 Grundback Blasters
2x hammerfall siege crawlers
Brun cragback and lug


Plastic brigands
brigand warlord
bone grinders
1 war hog
2x Efaarit scouts
1-2 razorback crews
Rosh and brine
Agata, Queen of Carnage

Just about anything not GUARD or Planet eaters for Monster Apocalypse 2nd ed.

Unopenend spools of PLA or ABS for 3d Printers

Anying from Oathsworn minis for their Burrows and Badgers games (i have the rulebook but need minis)

Looking at getting into Bolt action and have settled on a german panzer grenadiers. I have nothing for it as of now so i am open to anything.

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Re: H: WM, CSM, BA, X-Wing, LOTR w/ Dunlendings W: Farrow, LOTR, Tau Bolt Action Germans

Post by Huffdogg » Wed Nov 27, 2019 11:40 pm

What are the Siringit supposed to be a proxy for?

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