Value? Battleground C+C

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Value? Battleground C+C

Post by Alzarakh » Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:18 pm

Just picked up a copy of Battleground: crossbows and catapults from a thrift store. It's a remake of the old one that I remember playing at my cousin's as a kid.

Here's a link: ... est-starte

I'm trying to work out a value for it for when I try to resell it either locally or online. BGG seems to price it around $60.

It's missing a life disc, an orc attack disc, and I reprinted the instructions. Both pieces aren't mandatory to play the game since there is already 6 other orc attack discs and the life disc can be anything from a pop tab to a piece of paper. The box is pretty beaten up too but I figure that's normal for a "kids" game.
I translated a Greek version of the instructions and rewrote them through google translate. It seemed to work quite well once I got around the odd grammar and sentence structure. Then printed them off.

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