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whatsnext ( 38 )
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Post by whatsnext » Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:57 pm

So the only reason aside Modern Warefare 3, which is a big step ahead of black ops(IMO) I finally got a PS3 was skyrim. I'm a fan of the old might and magic computer games, so it seems obvious to pick this game up.

I have spent about a two weeks just mainly running around the map, I have not done very many quest at all maybe 25 so far. Mostly the kill this or that type. With a quest log piling up.
The next character I play will be a conjuration/destruction mage who does quest as they come.

I like the graphics but they are nothing special. The sky is done very well, people in the game tell you "dont forget to look up" and they are right.

Fighting is kinda fun especially in the lower levels when you do not have the best armor, weapons or proper potions.

The armor crafting system is weak. An elf should at no time be forced to wear ork armor. The elf should use elf crafting b/c they are an elf. The addition of ebony, glass or deadric should be included as you craft your way to the top of your races smithing style.

I dont like smithing b/c each race sould have there own smithing(learning from other races as you meet them at there forge) bringing new improvements to your race's specific smithing style.

As it is you just spend the first portion of the game making iron daggers until you are broke and repeating until you hit smithing 100 skill. Then just make dragon armor until you get deadric hearts. If you go light armor no legendary deadric for you.

Dragons are a nice randon encounter, when you fight the first random dragon hope you have some potions. But if an encounter gets burdensome to finish you can adjust your difficulty at a whim in the options menu.

Which brings me to my biggest gripe. I have played two characters a nord heavy armor/two-handed weapon and a wood elf light armor/one-handed sneak thief with light conjuration magic.

Both are bad at killing mages/necromancers and any frost magic user. The rate at which I die to magic users is the worst out of everything. Dragons mostly not a problem, giants and mammoths I love absoring their souls, bandits, assassins, hired thugs, foresworn, thiefs and all melee can eat blade.

Frost magic slows you to a crawl(allowing more hit time) and drains your stamina(cant run or power attack) If they have staffs you are out cold in two-three hits even if you have reasonable magic resistence. The other destruction magics(fire and shock) are weak in comparison. Shock is bad for a mage character though(drains your magic bar and hurts health)

Overall I like the game and dont see myself getting rid of skyrim until I finish all the downloadable stuff they will comeout with.
I can only hope the next eldar scrolls will jump in awesome.

A few bugs
-when you die in a intense battle the screen will go black but the music will keep playing stopping a load, making you reset. Has happened twice to me.
-going threw doors has about a 1-100 chance of the same thing happening(odds may be higher)
-bodies sometimes fall into the ground, stopping looting of them.
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Imaginos ( 410 )
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Re: Skyrim

Post by Imaginos » Fri Jan 20, 2012 8:09 pm

Skyrim has gotten probably 150-200 hours of my time since it was released. I first bought for the PS3, but got tired of the buggy game after the save file got too large. Traded it and picked up the 360 version. Much happier after that. I was surprised that the graphics seem to be better on the 360 than the PS3 version, specifically seeing off in the distance (PS3 more limited).

My main character has been an Imperial sneaky archer type. He's up to level 45 now, can 2-3 shot most dragons with a non-magic bow. But to do that, you have to invest in the smithing and enchanting perk trees. All in all, a blast to play. I've started a new guy, Breton pure mage (conjuration destruction primarily). Having fun with him. And the game plays totally different with this guy, even though both are kind of ranged characters. Even the missions feel different, but partially because when I'm playing, I get into the mindset of the character. Archer guy - tries to never be seen before death is unleashed. Mage - refuses to hide, so stomps through things and just gets in there to mess stuff up. Needless to say, the mage has had more reloads than the archer.

Mr. Bigglesworth ( 166 )
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Re: Skyrim

Post by Mr. Bigglesworth » Sat Jan 21, 2012 4:33 am

"Needless to say, the mage has had more reloads than the archer." LMAO

Is it more class based than Oblivion? Oblivion you could rank everything up and make a good charcter too easily and if you wanted to be successful and not die all the time it almost felt like you had to power game.

whatsnext ( 38 )
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Re: Skyrim

Post by whatsnext » Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:05 pm

Skyrim sucks bull stuff on PS3. It has to be to framerate droppingest pile I've ever played. Now it just freezes up at nothing. It froze up 3 times in the last 20 minutes of playing if you call pulling the plug and poweruping playing.

PS3 has no reset button so pulling is the only option.

You can see the graphics loading about 30 game feet in front of you.

I should have just got a better computer, and not wasted 350 on a piece of crap PS3. Has to be the stupidest thing I did all year. After a complete stopping of wasting money I plant my foot in PS3 goo.
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Norseman ( 374 )
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Re: Skyrim

Post by Norseman » Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:11 pm

Playing Skyrim on the 360 upto lvl 55 and gameplay is still fun and surprisingly not glitchy for a Bethseda game.

I found if you powergame and stick to a pureclass you quickly become overpowered and have to increase the difficulty to keep it interesting. This is what I did pureclass defender warrior with full deadric. Only thing that could touch me was mages, and that was iffy if I got one hit on them.

I have since worked on the mage and thief sides of my character and the game got hard quick. I find the shock mages to be my biggest problem. You get in close and they get a crit and you go flying across dead.

Still really enjoying the game after hundreds of hours.

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