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Old Dwarf Warrior Box

Post by DenverZeppo » Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:12 am

Anyone have any idea what's in it? I'm thinking about buying the two at my FLGS because they're 16 Warriors for $35 as opposed to 10 Warriors for $50.

Other than Hand Weapon/Shield or Great Weapon Dwarves, can I do anything else from these kits?
I am happy to send first if your rating and references warrant that.

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Re: Old Dwarf Warrior Box

Post by Boskie43 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:50 pm

I believe you're either confused or misinformed on pricing... or have written a question in a convoluted manner...

The warriors box that has 16 warriors for 35.00 is still the current warrior models. Even on GW's main webpage. Those are still the standard, core, dwarf warriors.

That box also used to make the longbeards - I see no reason why it still cannot. Grab the 6-8 Dwarves from the box that have the "longer" beards and just paint them slightly differently/more richly than your normal warriors and boom you have long beards.
Other than that the box just makes GW/Handweapon/shield warriors

Before they had their own box (well shared with hammerers) Longbeards were either made that way or people went out and bought the "original"(?) Metal styled Longbeards. So sure, no reason why you could not just do that now and save money. But you're not going to be able to make believable hammers/iron breakers really out of those unless you convert the ax heads from the Great Weapons. Which actually, with minimal green stuff skill/finding warrior sprues I suppose you could do that to make hammerers much cheaper than the other box. Might be viewed as "tacky" by some but I never thought of it till responding here. They all have heavy armor so it's not that "far" off.

Saying that - my issue with the new dwarves is their "style" is WAY off from the previous dwarves IMO. I know some guys who are actively scrounging forums and ebay for the old metals (hammerers/iron breakers/long beards) just so their army looks more alike than what is offered completely now.

Good Luck!
George B

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