Couple of Rule Questions

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Couple of Rule Questions

Post by Dawink » Tue Jun 04, 2013 5:27 pm

1. So i declare charges, I then roll to see if they make charges assume the charge is good. Now in magic phase (2 different question.) 1a Can i still buff the unit that charged into combat, like the signature spell from beasts 1b. Can i cast offensive spell on the unit that was the target of the charge, like treason of tzee.

2.Say unit LD is 5 loss combat by 2 but my general is within 12" do i use his natural leadership ex LD 8 or do i use his modified to 6?

3. Bretts General on Peg wants to flying Charge solo, that is a set range of 10" because of flying, is he still subject to the rule of charging that only allows one wheel of 90degrees or can he pivot like a lone char or can he glide into any position within reason of a "glide"

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Re: Couple of Rule Questions

Post by Azbag#1 » Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:35 pm

1a: You can cast any augment or hex spell into close combat. Since Wildform is a augment it is allowed.
1b: You can not cast any "magic missile" or "direct damage" spell into close combat.

2. You always can use the General's leadership if you are within 12" (18" if he's on a monster) One other thing to think about. If the general is in a unit that contains the "Standard of Discipline" then his Leadership is also increased by +1. Therefore a General with a Ld of 9 will have a Ld of 10 for all units within the generals range. All penalties for losing combat do still apply. Just make sure you have more ranks than the enemy and the unit will be steadfast (no modifiers to LD)

3. If he's going to charge he is subject to all the rules of charging. Must charge in 90 degree front arc, 1 wheel, ect. If he doesn't charge he and go anywhere within his range and turn as much as he wants.

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