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Dropzone Commander or Spartan Planetfall

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 7:03 pm
by hapotte
Hi guys,

I miss playing Epic, I was a huge fan back in the days of Epic with square based infantry and all. Now I'm looking at starting again in the genre but I'm not sure where to go.

I've seen the beautiful Dropzone commander stuff but now that Planetfall as been anounced and the models also look good so I'm thorn on which way to go.

Any of you have pros or cons for dropzone commander? I know spartan hasn't released the rules yet so I'll have to wait a few more weeks before the review start coming up.

Re: Dropzone Commander or Spartan Planetfall

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 7:45 pm
by kturock
I can only comment on DZC.
The game is all about manuvering. The ground vehicles and troops have almost no movement. The dropships move around the board, moving and re-moving the ground units. Different types/sizes of dropships can move different units. Infantry are the only units that can hold objectives. They can barely affect vehicles. Vehicles can kill everything, they can hit. Like in 40K, only anti-aircraft can easily hit flying dropships. Ground dropships can be hit by anything on the ground.
Like the name says, it's all about the dropships.

Re: Dropzone Commander or Spartan Planetfall

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:34 am
by the_shining_one
I'm an experienced DZC player and I'll counter the previous post, which may have been written by a newer DZC player (who made a few mistakes in his summary).

Overall, the game is primarily a combined arms game. You need to have the right balance of ground power, mobility (which is dropships), air power, anti-air power, and some infantry in order to secure the victory.

The game is surprisingly balanced, and the rules are very, very good in comparison to other popular game systems.
After a few games, you start to realize your mistakes in-game, and you realize when you've been outplayed by an opponent.

I have not played the other game, but DZC is very tactical, and each game is a white-knuckle ride.

If you're looking for a cheap "In," for DZC, you and friend could split the cost of the 2 player starter set. You get a lot for your money (play mat, terrain and two forces) and is a good representative intro to the game.

I hope you'll try it.

Re: Dropzone Commander or Spartan Planetfall

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:36 am
by Grey Mage
Dropzone Commander gets much better support, faster updates, and clearer communication. Its rules are easier to read, and the armies are, IMHO, cheaper for a good selection.

Also, theres a BFG style space-game in the works right now- the kickstarter is on track to be finished in july, in stores late august- if you like tie-in games like that. Its even got the creator of BFG helping them out with rules and mechanics, and seems pretty awesome.

DZC has a wider range of objectives- planetfall is a better smash everything with buckets of dice game.