WM/Hordes v2 cards

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kturock ( 566 )
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WM/Hordes v2 cards

Post by kturock » Mon May 13, 2013 1:19 am

I had some Hordes models, when people talked about trying it locally. I bought a starter. The only other player moved away so I sold/traded everything off.

now another guy wants to try it out. He's talked the flgs into getting everything in.

1 of the other locals has a starter from each, but the cards are 1st edition. I've seen alot of posts here saying 1st ed or 2nd ed cards.

so my questions are:
is there that much of a difference between v1 & v2 cards?

could v1 be used in a v2 game and notbe over/under powered?

is there anywhere to download them or do you have to buy new cards? [sounds like a GW tactic, new rules, new codex,]
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3eland ( 70 )
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Re: WM/Hordes v2 cards

Post by 3eland » Mon May 13, 2013 12:49 pm

V1 cards won't play "fair" with v2 cards as there have been significant changes from v1 to v2. However, there is an app called war room that can be downloaded on any apple product or on android that has all the cards and automatically updates for you. You get access to all of their "free cards" this includes all of the starter sets and a select bunch others. If you want access to the whole deck (for example you want all of the Cryx cards unlocked) you pay 6.99. Some people think it's not worth the 6.99, I beg to differ as I only purchase it once, I have access to ALL the cards and ANY new cards/updates in the future, when they come out with an update to a card you just download the updates and it changes automatically. You can purchase every single deck for a discounted price, but there isn't really much use unless you plan to have all the armies or you just like looking at virtual cards :D Also the war room has a few other goodies like being able to construct army lists, being able to share armies with an opponent over WiFi, recording damage or referencing quick rules, etc.

Hope that helps!

EDIT: Not saying you CAN"T play v2 with v1 however some cards have been totally redone in a way to make them less gimped/over powered so if it is just to try out the game sure why not, if you think it's going to explode into the next Pokemon then I would look into getting v2 cards :D
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Bahamut_Dragonlord ( 344 )
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Re: WM/Hordes v2 cards

Post by Bahamut_Dragonlord » Tue May 14, 2013 12:45 am

To add on to 3eland, the editions are not really compatible, there was a significant overhaul. Though, if they bought the battle boxes recently, they can use the mispack site to get new mkII cards for free. Otherwise, the WarRoom option would work for free for the starter boxes. They also released sets of cards covering all the models when they moved to MkII that you can buy for around $10 for each faction. Additionally, the cards can be bought on the Privateer site for 50 cents each, though the shipping is a bit insane. Finally, there is a great card swapping/buying thread in the PP forum for picking up cards!
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Re: WM/Hordes v2 cards

Post by spiralingcadaver » Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:30 pm

If you want to seriously play, no, there's no conversion whatsoever- they're very different.

If you want to try out the game again, a quick fix until you get the new materials:
-use the DL demo rules. The biggest additions are spend focus to shake KD/Stationary, weapon systems are partially functional when broken, warjacks fight until 100% dead
-add +1 to all warjack accuracy. (This was changed when the cards were updated, and the most universal change)

...that'll give a decent flavor of how the newer edition plays.

More than that, and, yeah, need to buy new everything, and there's no real way to overlap the games
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