Temporarily shutting down trading operations to take a break due to not enough time in the day

Anything else.. come on in, and pull up a seat.

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Temporarily shutting down trading operations to take a break due to not enough time in the day

Post by wsott1970 » Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:50 pm

I will still totally be on (I like the awesome community of traders here)... and making offers/etc/talking too much (d'uh)... but I am suffering from too much time leakage and between BarterTown and eBay and I started to feel like I had a second job on top of a demanding first job. I am not going anywhere - you just likely won't see ads from me in the future - then when time gets a little more slack (and I end up with more stuff than I need or don't want) I will start back up maybe last quarter of this year or early next year.

Still always available for friends that know I have something they need... Just not posting ads...

I guess I also feel that I can't pay enough attention to keep up the kind of service level I expect of myself... and I appologize in advance for some trades that might have not materialized due to my lack of time (ie I didn't get back in contact - but I meant to - and we didn't finalize)... all 100% active trades should be finished as of now (all product in hand by all paries)... If you have something you want to finalize (quickly) then shoot me an email and I can work through it as fast as time allows.

Again, totally still here... Just not going to be very active from a trading perspective... I wouldn't miss out on MM lighting toilet paper in the office stories or 3eland making some strange Canadianesque comment for all the Geese in Canada (does that work 3eland?)! I probably will also see some trade I just can't let slip by and make some offers here and there.

I barely have time to play and painting has dropped off my timeline in the last 4+ months... So, kind of needed to re-organize what activities I do (and finish some large projects before I can add any more jobs to the queue).

Never an ending... Always a start.


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