Is there a "selling for beginners" post?

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Is there a "selling for beginners" post?

Post by Doctari » Thu Oct 04, 2018 12:23 am

I keep seeing these posts by people that are not going to do what they're designed for (sell or buy) and most of them keep showing up again and again.

If I was going to write one it would be something like this:

Subject: How to write a subject that will get views (views lead to interest, interest leads to successful trades).
1. Don't use TLAs that only you understand.
2. Don't "want stuff, have things"
3. Don't put that you're looking for trades if all you're looking for is cash (and viceversa)


1. Yes, someone is interested in what you have. Wasting your 1/week post because you're too lazy to post what you have/want is a great way to ... well .. waste your 1/week post.
2. Be specific. Nurgle things doesn't cut it. If I have to go out of my way to beg you to do a deal with me you can just keep it and I'm a (generally) very patient trader.
3. No one's going to buy your stuff for retail. Ever. This isn't 1998. Everyone can search "warhammer discount" on google.
4. List everything you have (correct names) and the price you WANT for it. No one wants to be the first person to make an offer. If you're selling put what you want, if you're buying put what you're willing to pay. Wasting everyone's time is rude and pointless.


Have pictures on hand to either:

1. Post in the listing (preferable)
2. Post in a photosharing site with a link in the listing (acceptable)
3. Ready to email/text to the trading partner (acceptable)


1. Have no pictures
2. Expect people to take your word on it
3. Expect people to accept 1 blurry shot from across the room.. with the room on fire.. under water.. infested with squids.

Thoughts? Am I wrong?
If we're trading: Lower ships first, even if its me.
If I'm buying: If you have a REASONABLE (>20) rating with no negatives, I'm paying first.
If I'm selling: You're paying first.
I always check Ebay before making/accepting offers. You should to. Fair market value >>>> "I feel they are worth X"

Offers good for 24hrs.

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Re: Is there a "selling for beginners" post?

Post by pretre » Thu Oct 04, 2018 1:31 pm

I have a pricing blurb, you might incorporate. People are always asking how to price/sell their stuff, so I save this and just paste it in any conversation:

So, the basics are this:

- Identify everything and make a big list of every unit and their condition, material
Ex: Grey Knights (10) (Metal, painted)

- Look to see if the models are still available on GW's website.

For items currently available, I use the following price benchmarks:
- New in Box / New in Shrink - 60%+ of Retail
- New on Sprue - 50-60% of Retail
- Bare Assembled / Primed Assembled - 50% of Retail
- Painted - 20-50% of retail

If there's damage or missing bits, subtract from those percentages. This will give you a baseline.

For anything not currently available, you will need to check Sold Auctions on Ebay to find out what they are currently going for. Knock 10% off that for non-ebay sales and you should be good to go.

If all else fails and that sounds like too much work, find a reseller or private buyer and ask them to make you an offer. Do this with a couple to get a feel and go with the one that you are most comfortable/confident with.
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Re: Is there a "selling for beginners" post?

Post by MagickalMemories » Thu Oct 04, 2018 6:54 pm

There isn't one but -and I mean this sincerely - you should definitely feel free to write one up.
If you do, you can PM it to a Mod or Admin. We'll run it through the ringer, edit it as necessary, and post it (giving you credit as the original author, of course).

Lower rating? You ship first.

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