Portland, OR - 3rd Annual Guardian Games Labor Day Yard Sale - Sept 3rd

Anything else.. come on in, and pull up a seat.

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Portland, OR - 3rd Annual Guardian Games Labor Day Yard Sale - Sept 3rd

Post by pretre » Fri Jul 27, 2018 3:50 pm


It's time for Guardian Games' 3rd Annual Labor Day Yard Sale!

Monday September 3, 2018 -- 12pm-5pm
Guardian Games & Rodda Parking Lot

Guardian will have tables with New & Used Games with deep discounts, a charity dice sale, food carts, and more!

Is your game shelf packed to the brim? Want to make money and more shelf space? Then you should rent a table at our yard sale! Only $30 for a Full Table, or $15 for a Half Table.

For more details on how to rental a sale table for our yard sale, stop in soon -- those tables go fast!

This event is great and tons of folks come out to make deals and sell stuff. Mindtaker Miniatures will be there in force. :)
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