Im getting a PS4

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Im getting a PS4

Post by jason1977 » Sat May 26, 2018 2:04 am

Yea. Im about 4 plus years late but now is the time. The way my wife and I see it is Im getting a blue ray player w/wifi and gaming system. Just like we have now but the PS4 is for the basement and me. We both agreed that getting a blue ray soon is needed as normal DVDs may start to go away. I am looking at the new CoD WW2 game for sure but after that......

Looking for what PS4 games should I get? I do not do sports games. 1st person shooters over 3rd person. Action adventure over RPG and fantasy. Rather get a real CD and not download but willing to look at whats there. I am not a fan of 'current' time frame shooters like Modern Warfare or Black Ops. 40k games welcome.

In an act of kindness and respect, please respond to PMs one way or the other with in a timely manner.
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