looking for a Kickstarter Alexander the Great minature game

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looking for a Kickstarter Alexander the Great minature game

Post by laxlover_bill369 » Sat Dec 06, 2014 1:45 pm

I saw it on Kickstarter about half a year ago it kept expanding from Alexander the Great to text back sometimes to Persians and on and on. it looked and played almost like saga. I believe it was made by a company that also makes a steam punk Civil war or western game. Thanks guys.
Retail 4 retail unless cash is involved.
Most ref go first unless something is agreed apon.
Money through PayPal
Try to stay in the USA.
I will ship using delivery confirmation.
Remember not sending your part of the bargain is considered mail fraud, which is a felony.
I will consider the trade null&void unless you contact me or I contact you in 24 hr. So just say yes or no.
I will ship with no box unless you want it, please tell me.

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