Bolt action, some questions.

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Bolt action, some questions.

Post by kturock » Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:49 pm

1 of the local players bought the main rule book. He and 1 of the others; both players are very experienced gamers, eaisly 60 years experience between them. They've published and play tested several sets of rules.
We used 40k IG as proxies. We had a coupl snags with rules, that we couldn't find answers or at least quickly so we diced them off and will look for the answers later.

When a natural 6 is rolled to wound, does the chosen model have to be 'in range'? Like in 3rd, 4th, 5th ed 40k, could dead models be removed from anywhere in the unit or just those in range? [or is it like 6th ed. 40k?]

We only tried infantry rules, 60 brits vs 60 Germans. 5 units of 7 soldiers, 1 mg with loader and a sgt. 3 Lt's per army and a cpt with 2 man escort. The brits assaulted the dug-in germans. The scenario was for the attackers to get into the defenders starting area.
It wasn't pretty for the brits. I don't know if the points were balanced, since we were just trying out the rules.

Has anyone tried the armor rules? That's what I really wnated to try but the guys running it wanted to start slowly.
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Re: Bolt action, some questions.

Post by usernamesareannoying » Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:43 am

hey kturock...
the way i read it is that as long you can shoot you can hit any model in the unit. so while you might be in range of the models in front of the unit but not the back of the unit it doesnt matter. the target is in range since you can reach the front.

vehicles are pretty much like infantry just with a few extra rules, mostly in how they move.
you roll to hit, if you hit you roll to damage. you have to beat their armor with a d6 + whatever the damage bonus is on the weapon. a heavy tank is armor 11, a bazooka is +5, so you need a 6 to penetrate.

there are other additional rules like the best you can do is shake a vehicle if you only equal the armor etc.
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