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Dear GW...

Post by nightlord » Wed Sep 30, 2020 12:59 am

If GW used their energy to put out rules books and codexs and such that didnt require a freaking FAQ 2 weeks later. Instead of hunting down people they can SUE just to sqeeze a nickle out of some poor shmuck thats just trying to make the gameing world fun for the rest of us. then MAYBE just maybe they wouldnt have so many people hating on GW.

Now they are going after BATTLE SCRIBE. A simple online program that lets gamers build army lists from the comfort of their easy chair or where ever.


See its a simple formula GW.
1)Put out better rule books that dont require a frkn FAQ every other month. Nothing burns my butt more then having to buy your 50.00 codex, then 2 week later having to print out your FAQ pages just so i can play my army at a local tourney.

2)Bring down your prices. Because everyone and their grandmaw knows it dosent cost a million dollars to build a resin kit model when some guy in his garage with a OTC resin kit from his local art supply center can do it for less then 50.00. and make several models.
And the fact I can buy a model Battle ship with 2xs the plastic as a GW model for half the price. tells everyone you are over the top when it come to your prices.

3) DO this and you would get more people to want to play your games and others to stick with your games. Instead of them saying, "WOW thats a lot of money, i cant afford to build an entire 1500-2000 points army"

Or like the local guy I just met online selling everything he had to me for pennies on the dollar. Because and i quote. "I just bought into this game a few months ago. and they already changed rules on me. I cant afford another set of rules books. the models are too expensive already. "

Drop your prices, improve the rules and see what happens. Instead of going the DEEP NARROW way. Try going the wide shallow way.
then you will get more people into your games. sell more product, make more money. Since thats why you and the stock owners are in this for in the first place.
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Re: Dear GW...

Post by kturock » Wed Sep 30, 2020 1:34 am

Battlescribe, again.
Heh, I was called a Grognard. ;-)
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