Did the Necrons Re animate....

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Did the Necrons Re animate....

Post by nightlord » Mon Jun 01, 2020 9:04 pm

If you are as old as i am and read comic books back in the 70's and 80.s you would know of a Marvel CHaracter called Angel from the Xmen series. he was even in a few of the Xmen movies as a teen ager.

THE comic book story was that his wings were ripped off by a group of mutant hunters called the Marauders. Later he tried to kill himself in his private airplane, (because he was depressed for losing his wings) BUT Apocalypse captured him right before the plane blew up. He gave Angel his wings back made of Admantium and he became Arch Angel of the Four Horsemen.

Reason i bring this up is this reason..
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Did the Necrons Re Animate Sanguinius???

These was a small story i read in a chaos codex once. Abaddon was shown an image of the future. And in that brief image he was shown were it wasent Chaos that brought down humanity. But something that the Emperor himself had created that would bring the imperium to it knees. And with this image Abaddon laughed out loud. Could this be it. The Necrons and a re animated Saguinius??
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Re: Did the Necrons Re animate....

Post by MattHoell » Tue Jun 02, 2020 3:14 pm

It's more likely a shard of the Void Dragon.

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