Vostroyans, tallarns, etc *Public Service Announcement*

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Vostroyans, tallarns, etc *Public Service Announcement*

Post by Doctari » Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:47 am

All of these models are in print, and if not in stock at a particular second restocked weekly on Games-workshop.com. Don't be scammed into thinking they are super out of print and rare, they are available, at retail and at a click of your mouse.

Seen way too many 300+ dollar offers for models that retail under 200 on here recently.
If we're trading: Lower ships first, even if its me.
If I'm buying: If you have a REASONABLE (>20) rating with no negatives, I'm paying first.
If I'm selling: You're paying first.
I always check Ebay before making/accepting offers. You should to. Fair market value >>>> "I feel they are worth X"

Offers good for 24hrs.

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