What do you think about the "NEW" 8th edition changes???

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What do you think about the "NEW" 8th edition changes???

Post by nightlord » Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:36 am

Well with the new 8th edition soon to be released I for one am very reserved. I have many reasons for this. For starters I have been playing 40k since Rogue Trader(I'm 49 years old). I was mainly playing Epic Space Marines/ Titan Legions before GW totally changed the rules and the game went to crap. Then It just died. Forge World tried revamping it. This was my first bitter taste of GW changing their games and making a game dead. Then they just suddenly quit supporting ManOWar. We played with what was released for some time. But that just became the same old game over and over once everyone figured out who was gonna do what. So it just faded off. Also Necromunda followed by the addition. And just like ManOwar, it just faded with lack of support from GW. All the while some of us hung onto 40k 2nd edition ,then 3rd , Then when 5th came out I quit for a while.6th edition came out and I went back into it. That slid into 7th. Now with 16 armies and 700.00 worth of rules and codexs I'm suddenly sick to my stomach. My last 3 built armies are based off of formations and such for 7th edition. I'm also in the middle of building a near company size Sons Of Medusa army based off the rules in both the Marines and Angels of Death codexs. Now who knows what it will become.

On a side note, A friend who is in the Airforce and was recently sent off for several months of training is finding out that all of his codexs are now dead. Bad part is he bought EVERY single codex that was released for 6-7th edition. I know he,s got to be sick to his stomach.

Another slap in the face was GW stated that if you bought a codex recently you could bring it in with the receipt and get a voucher for GW stores. 1) If you know the codex will be null and useless, why would you buy it in the first place??? 2) the receipt has to show (ie itemized) the purchase of said codex on it. How many registers show each and every purchase on it??? Maybe if you shop at Walmart or a grocery store. Most game shops have a cheap register that just shows a sub total , taxes then the total, Thats it. Mom and Pop stores cant afford a top of the line register.

GW says they are releasing all rules to all armies in the current game. Pay attention here. they are called INTRUCTORY RULES. Later on if you want to play with say Blood Angels , or Dark Angels, or Nightlords you will have to buy a separate codex alllll over again. Just like they are doing for AOS.

I for one hope that these new rules clean up the game like GW is claiming. But after 20+ years of GW and their constant inconsistent ways of doing things. I for one will not hold my breath. GW claims these rules were play tested. All you veterans of GW games, How many times have we heard that??? Everything they ever release has always been followed by and FAQ to clear things up, which then just complicates things even more.

My days of dumping 100's of dollars on GWs rules and codexs are probably over. Because if there is one thing I learned about GW. the more things change , the more they stay the same.

Please feel free to respond to the thread.

OH I talked to GW and a Rep, their excuse for this redo of 40k was to make it easier and cheaper for someone "NEW" to get into the game.
All they had to do was lower the prices of the figures. Go to a hobby store and look at what come with a model car, and what comes with a Rhino for 40k. then look at the price. Why does GW charge 30++ for a Single RESIN command model, and privateer press charges 1/2 that for a single metal commander model. Unreal.
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Re: What do you think about the "NEW" 8th edition changes???

Post by MagickalMemories » Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:52 pm

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