Any "GOOD" Ideas/ rules for tourney play????

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Any "GOOD" Ideas/ rules for tourney play????

Post by nightlord » Mon Oct 10, 2016 6:31 pm

Hey Btown.

I have a question for my fellow 40k players. What is a good idea for 40k tourneys. And I don't mean rules where people just show up with broken Armies that just steam role over you on turn 1. I am looking for a set of rules that incorporate the hobby as well as "FAIR and FUN PLAY"

I read about all these tourney rules online where if you don't have an army that cant survive a turn 1 drop pod assault, or dosent have the ability to over come 3+ 3+ with feel no pain armies, then you are just SOL.

And don't mention the old version of Rogue trader rules. Seems those rules can be controlled by "groups" of players as well.

It seems a lot of tourney rules out there are designed where we should just flip a coin, and play best of 3 flips for a winner. The rules for GW armies has gotten so over the top now days. I remember when things like "Fearless" and invul saves, and feel no pain was rare and few and far between. Now it seems like every frakin army has the ability now.

Saw a Raven wing army at local tourney and the whole army had a 2+ jink WITH rerolls. are you f,n kidding me.

And a Necron army with 3+3+ and feel no pain. and most of it was twin linked on top of that.

I thought GW was re designing the game to move faster. Instead its turned into a dice fest. 1500 point games in a tourney take 2 hours to play. and yet people are wanting to make it 1850 now. WHY so we can roll MOOOOORE dice???

So again I ask you guys, whats a "Good" tourney rules set for fair play and for the "hobby" to boot for 40k now???
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