BTR Wanchango/Justin Schafer

These BTR's have not yet been resolved. Be wary of anyone listed here.

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BTR Wanchango/Justin Schafer

Post by Patches » Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:21 pm

Justin/Wanchango contacted me on August 17th about trading some Cygnar and Skorne for Gatormen valued at around $150 of models. We worked out a deal and he asked me to ship first, which I agreed to. I sent the items promptly by USPS Priority with tracking, he confirmed he received the models in good condition but that a card was missing, I apologized and mailed out the card the same day. After this point he became less responsive, I checked to see if he got the card and asked when he would ship and he did at one point give me a date, though never followed up. Ultimately, he stopped responding or checking his messages and the goods have not arrived. I've sent him three messages to check in at this point which he has not read or responded to. I also let him know that I'd give him 10 days to get in touch before making this report in my last message.

PM History:
wanchango wrote:Would you trade the following:



Wrong eye & snapjaw
Gatorman posse

I would also be interested in the lancer. Not sure what you want for it.

Subject: [H] Cygnar, Menoth, Circle, asstd. [W] Minions, Skorne,Inf
Patches wrote:Hi guys! I've got an odd mix of bits and pieces to unload if anyone is interested! Happy to do trades or sell for well below retail (40%? Not sure what the going rate is these days, but talk to me I'm flexible and some things can go for less). ~Bare metal or primed unless otherwise stated~



Journeyman Warcaster (Male sculpt)

Trencher Unit (6) (Metal)
Grenade Launcher Trencher Attachments (3) (Metal)
Captain Maxwell Finn
Arcane Tempest Gunmage Unit (6) (Metal, original sculpts)
Stormlance Unit (3) (Primed black, horsey ankles are broken but very fixable- will take into account for sale/trade)

pStryker (Original pose)
Thorn (Metal, primed black)
Sentinel (Metal)
Charger (Metal)
Lancer (Metal, missing shield so I can probably toss him in gratis if you get some other stuff/have any interest)

Machine Wraithe

Plastic Starter Set (Assembled, unprimed)
Exemplar Cinerators (NIB)
Zealots Blister (2 models) NIB

Gorman di Wulfe (primed white, lightly washed)


Argus (Metal)
Gnarlhorn Satyr (NIB)
Warpborn Skinwalkers (2) (Metal)

2 x Beasthandlers Blister (2 models, NIB)
Basilisk Drake (NIB)
2 x Cyclops Savage (Plastic,1 bare, 1 stripped, no flags)
eHexeris (NIB)

Faction Decks (2010):


Warhammer (In case you want to get all Sigmar-ey, willing to let these go really cheap):
Dark Elf Warriors- Half on sprues, half assembled and painted, not sure what the total count is
Bolt Thrower Siege Weapon.... thing

I've also got a bunch of old painted Eldar if anyone still plays 40k/anything other than Space Marines. Long shot, but just in case!

I prefer unpainted for all models, but am flexible depending on the deal

Money! Lets work out a deal that sounds fair if you're interested.

All your minions! Let me know what you have!
Priorities in order:
- Gatormen Posses (Old or new)
- Rorsch and Brine or Wrongeye and Snapjaw
- Minion Units and Solos
- Warlocks and Beasts

Assorted Skorne (outside the staples, e.g. starter set, bronzeback, etc.) Let me know what you have! Would really like a Willbreaker and maybe some of the newer pieces (been out of the game for a few years)
- Most recent round of beasts and solos (from the recent book)
- Aptimus Marketh
- Units other than Swordsmen and Beasthandlers
- Basilisk Krea,

Don't need: pMorg, pMakeda, Rasheth, pHex, Mordikaar, Savages, Gladiator, Rhinodon, Archidon, Drake, Bronzeback, Swordsmen, Paingivers, Agonizer, Void Spirits, Hakaar

Infinity if you're looking to offload any. Mainly interested in starters, thinking of getting into the game.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to PM me with questions or if you need to see pics of stuff!
Patches wrote:Hey, thanks for the offer but it's eHexeris not Xerxis. Sorry for the confusion! Let me know if another deal would work, I am interested in what you have to offer
wanchango wrote:Haha I can't read. How much trade are you putting on the broken storm lances?
Patches wrote:Good question! I think 50% would be fair? They're fixable but will take some time and some sturdy brass rods/greenstuff. Hate to trade broken stuff but they came to me that way from another trade (unfortunately) so let me know what sounds fair. Original metal sculpts primed black btw
wanchango wrote:How about this:
Storm lances
Trencher Unit
Grenade Launcher Trencher Attachments
Captain Maxwell Finn

Wrong eye & snapjaw
Gatorman posse x2

Do you have all the cards for the above units? Do you happen to have a set of cygnar or skorne tokens?
Patches wrote:Hey, sorry it took me a bit to get back to you. Okay, so I mathed it a bit and it looks like we've got $155 (if we're saying 50% on the storm lances) of my stuff for $135 of yours, which isn't bad! I think we've almost definitely got a trade, only thing I would hesitate on is eHexxy in there, but we can work things out depending on what your stuff looks like. What state are your models in? And are the gators the new plastics or old metals? (less important, just curious) I've got cards for mine and everything is either bare, well stripped or primed. Sorry, I don't have the tokens though!
wanchango wrote:Everything is well stripped. The gatormen are new plastics. The only issue is there might be some spear tips missing and one were modded to not have them. Just look like clenched gator fists. I can throw in a croak hunter if that helps close the deal.(is this a large enough deal to get the lancer as a throw in?)
Patches wrote:Awesome! Okay, sorry to nitpick further but I've been burned in the past. How many broken spears are we talking about? And is it just one model that had the spear modded off or one unit?

Yeah, I'd be happy to throw the mostly-Lancer in either which way for putting up with my questions. I'd take a croak hunter for sure too, that would be really useful.

So, I think we can start going forward with making the trade. How do you want to do things?

Here's my address for future reference (but I know you have the higher rep so if you want to do the I mail first then you mail next thing I'm fine with that, just let me know):

Patrick McCleary
809 15th Ave E
Seattle, WA
wanchango wrote:Its the whole unit and the other unit has plastic card spear tips.

Okay cool it sounds good.

My address is:
Justin Shafer
312 Van Buren St.
Purcell, OK 73080

Yes I would prefer you send first then I'll send once yours arrives.
Patches wrote:Cool, will have those out in the mail in the next couple of days, thanks!
wanchango wrote:Okay sounds good. Just send me the tracking info once you have it.
wanchango wrote:Hey there, the models arrived alright but gorman's card is missing.
Patches wrote:Gah, sorry! I put that all together in a bit of a flurry, would have been too perfect if I didn't miss something. I'll send it to you (protected of course) in a post card today. Sorry about that!
wanchango wrote:Okay thanks you.
Patches wrote:Hey, so has that card come through yet? Should have made it by now it seems like. I take it you were holding off on shipping until the card arrived? If it doesn't get there in the next several days I'd be happy to just paypal you a few dollars for the replacement so we can wrap up this transaction. Anyways, just checking in, thanks!
wanchango wrote:Hey, yeah i was holding off. I haven't been home in a few days but I'll be home monday. The card is probably there so I'll ship after monday when I get home.
Patches wrote:Hey, any updates? If the card still hasn't shown up just let me send you a few bucks for the replacement so we can get this wrapped up.
Patches wrote:Hey, so it's been a week since you should have gotten that card and two weeks since you've gotten the models. I understand that stuff comes up, but I would really appreciate some communication here. I really don't want to fill out a BTR or whatever you're supposed to do since it seems like a pain and I don't think it helps anyone. So, can you at the least let me know when (or if) you think you'll be able to get things out? Thanks!
Patches wrote:Alright, so it seems like something is either happening in your life (which I get, just give me a heads up) or you don't plan on coming through with your end of the bargain. So, here's the thing, I'm out of town for the next 10 days so I'll give you some options:

1) Get the models to me (ideally) by the time I get back, no harm no foul, all is good in the world.

2) Paypal me ( 60% of the retail value of the models which comes to $93 (that's including the free lancer and the discount on the stormlances). I'll even cover the shipping, cause hey, I just want to get this sorted out already.

3) I'll fill out the Bad Trader whatever when I get back. I really don't want to go there because it doesn't help me one bit and you may not even care if you don't plan on trading on this site again so it may not affect you. I really don't see another option though if you're not going to respond, however.

Sorry if I come off harsh here, but I'm really not sure whats going on because I'm not getting any sort of communication from your side of things. Hope all is well and that I hear from you soon.

Supporting Information:

Date: Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 1:55 PM
Subject: USPS POSTMASTER has sent you a package

This message was sent to you at the request of USPS POSTMASTER, to notify you that they have shipped a package to you. For details about your shipment or to track your package, please refer to the information below.

Shipment Details
PURCELL OK 73080-2436
Mailing Date: 8/19/2015
Est. Delivery: 1-3 days
Service: Priority Mail (R)
Signature: Not Required
Tracking: 9405511899223515785410

The shipment information contained in this email is provided by
For questions about this package, please contact USPS POSTMASTER or the U.S. Postal Service.

Follow Through:

I have yet to take any sort of legal action or file a report since I'm not sure what my options are here. Any advice would be welcome.

Thank you!

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Re: BTR Wanchango/Justin Schafer

Post by 3eland » Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:42 pm

Justin Shafer has been banned due to multi-accounting as well as reports of suspicious behavior on other forums (including a scam he committed on a Facebook group). There is currently an investigation regarding what all usernames were being used here and a Hall of Shame posting will be put up (shortly).

Have you tried reaching him through his Facebook or email?
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Re: BTR Wanchango/Justin Schafer

Post by Patches » Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:35 pm

I was never provided either so I haven't. Well, disappointing to hear that this is almost definitely a scam job. Thanks for filling me in.

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Re: BTR Wanchango/Justin Schafer

Post by 3eland » Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:42 pm

Well we cannot say for sure if it is, he may very well send his side.

I am currently pooling all the information regarding him now and should have the Hall of Shame posting up later (I am waiting details from the Facebook Group).

Once we have everything I will contact you with any information that may allow you to contact him (emails, facebook profiles, phone numbers, etc) and hopefully you will be able to get in touch with him and sort out the trade. Just remember to be polite and non-accusatory as that could hinder the resolution.

It is unfortunate that people sink so low and I really hope we can help resolve this for you.

I'm like superman, but without the super.

The rules for Bartertown can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=45470
Helpful guide for sending packages to Canada: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=123125

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