Boblins - Jonathan Parker

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Boblins - Jonathan Parker

Post by theeagle82 » Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:39 pm

Hello all.

I paid Mr. Parker for a lot of Alternity RPG books. After almost a month following payment, i still haven't heard back from him.

PM List:
Boblins wrote:Do you still need the books??

I have a whole list of them. I don't know how many I don't have but I probably have most if not all.

Here is what I have:

Players Handbook
Incident at Exile (adventure)
Dark Matter expansion:
>>>Campaign Setting x2
>>>Killing Jar
>>>Arms & Equipment
StarDrive expansion:
>>>Alien Compendium
>>>Alien Compendium 2
>>>Outbound: An Explorer's Guidebook
>>>Arms & Equipment
>>>System Guide to Aegis (map still attached at back of book)
>>>Last Warhulk
>>>Star Compendium
>>>Red Starrise (adventure)

I am interested in cash and I would like to get rid of this as a set if you want all. Make me an offer
theeagle82 wrote:Hello Boblins,

Sorry about the delay in the message, i figured it was a dead topic and was forgotten, and haven't checked in in a while.

I would like the entire lot, if their still available.

First though, while i don't need showroom quality, are all of the books in decent condition? (IE: all pages there, bindings now falling apart, etc. Even if their taped together, its fine, i'd just like to know.)

Thanks for responding, and if you could get just a general quality for the lot i'll whip up an offer and shoot it over.

Boblins wrote:that is alright. I completely understand.
First though, while i don't need showroom quality, are all of the books in decent condition? (IE: all pages there, bindings now falling apart, etc. Even if their taped together, its fine, i'd just like to know.)
To answer your question, all the pages are all there. I took very good care of them. I got them a few years ago, when my roommate and I were playing the game. We played for a little bit before I left and moved to Texas. So there isn't much use on them at all. For the last 3-4 years, they have sat in storage which is why when I looked at the RPG thread and saw it, it took me a couple of days to see if I indeed have the system you were looking for. And behold, I did.

Now while sitting in storage, one of the storage units was just a metal box so they got a little hot. Due to that situation, a few of the books, got overheated and on the very edge of the pages they have suck together. Very easy to seperate with no damage at all. However, a few of the books decided to stick together so you have 2 books with some cover damage. I hope that is alright. No damage to the words or anything like that. I will be honest up front about the condition.\

All the campaign setting books and the players handbook which are hardback are in NM condition. 1/2 the other books are also in NM. Starships & Dataware are the worst books in the lot to be honest. System Guide to Aegis (with the map) is in NM/EX. A few pages look a little out of NM status but otherwise in NM (for this I would like to receive full value because of how hard it is to get the map in the book used).

Thanks again,
Boblins wrote:I priced the whole lot on amazon doing a medium price of the used books. You cane do your own look but it is 340. For the lot how about 250 that is a little less than 75% of the value?
theeagle82 wrote:I did actually price them out on Amazon. The low end comes out to $252. Thats the bargain basement of amazon's price, so your $250 is a pretty good deal.

Unfortunately, at the moment, i dont have that to spare in one shot.

Let me get back to you.

Boblins wrote:Let me know when you get the money... ill need your zip code to figure out postage.
theeagle82 wrote:Sorry about the delay in response, I've been pulling doubles all week and haven't had the energy to do much after work.

I realized after looking at my collection that I already have several books in your lot. Are you dead set to move it in one go?

What I'm most interested in is:
Alternity: Player Handbook
Altenrity: Tangents
Alternity: Starships
Alternity: Mindwalking: A Guide to Psionics
Alternity: Incident at Exile
Dark Matter: Campaign x1
Dark Matter: Arms & Equipment Guide
Stardrive: Campaign Setting Setting
Stardrive: Red Starrise
Stardrive: Alien Compendium: Creatures of the Verge
Stardrive: Alien Compendium 2: Exploration of 2503
Stardrive: Arms & Equipment Guide
Stardrive: System Guide to Aegis
Stardrive: The Last Warhulk

If its acceptable to buy just those, let me know, I'd pay $185 shipped (media mail).

Boblins wrote:sorry about the delay... I've been sick the last few days so I haven't been on lately.

I would like to sell as a lot... how about $220 including shipping for the whole lot instead of the $250... you probably have a group of players who want to play that game so you have something for them to use right. what do you think about that?
theeagle82 wrote:Quite alright about a delay, i've had them all week. RL always takes precedence.

So your offering:
Alternity Core Set:
Alternity: Players Handbook
Altenrity: Tangents
Alternity: Starships (Damaged)
Alternity: Mindwalking: A Guide to Psionics
Alternity: Incident at Exile
Alternity: Dataware (Damaged)
Dark Matter Expansion:
Dark Matter: Campaign Setting x2
Dark Matter: The Killing Jar
Dark Matter: Arms & Equipment Guide
StarDrive Expansion:
StarDrive: Alien Compendium: Creatures of the Verge
StarDrive: Alien Compendium 2: Exploration of 2503
StarDrive: Outbound: An Explorer's Guide
StarDrive: Arms & Equipment Guide
StarDrive: System Guide to Aegis (map still attached at back of book)
StarDrive: The Last Warhulk
StarDrive: Star Compendium: Systems of the Verge
StarDrive: Red Starrise

And would like $220 with shipping included?

Would you mind waiting until my tax refund comes in? After that i could pay via paypal or a USPS money order, whichever is easier for you.

Just let me know if that works for you.

Boblins wrote:yes that is correct...

and I'll hold onto them for you with your name on them. I would appreciate a USPS money order if that is alright

just let me know when you are ready
theeagle82 wrote:Hello Boblins,

Still waiting on the refund, but i figure if its not here by next friday (3-28), i'll just send out a MO anyways.

If you could get me your name and address, i'll make sure it goes out on friday, or sooner should the check come.

My info is:
Allen Breyette
[EDIT] Removed my address [/EDIT]

I'll let you know when i ship.

Boblins wrote:My address is:
Jonathan Parker
PO BOX 332
Winona TX 75792

actually I was wondering what was happening and was going to send you a message in a few days. Thanks for the update.
theeagle82 wrote:Just to let you know, yesterday i got the USPS MO for $220 out.

SN: 21848941754

DC#: 9114901189866760978567

Should be there by tuesday. Just let me know when it comes in and if everything is alright.

theeagle82 wrote:Ok, i show a confirmed delivery on the 31st.

Was there a problem with the MO?

Just let me know whats going on.

theeagle82 wrote:Hello Jon,

Its been 2 weeks since you've gotten the money order, i've still received no information about if the books have shipped, or received the book.

If you've hit a snag that has prevented shipping, just tell me, otherwise i'll have to start a bad trader thread, and contact the following:

USPS Mail Fraud:

FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center

Please just send me a message saying whats going on.

Open to any suggestions about what to do next. I really dont want to have to file with the FBI, but thats about all i have left.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

The Rules: Lower rating ships first. International traders are fine, but unless the deals really good, its generally not worth the shipping. Buyers pay first, no exceptions.

Awaiting feedback from:

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Re: Boblins - Jonathan Parker

Post by MagickalMemories » Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:20 am

Let's see if I can whip anything up here...

This is his friend & roommate:
Maybe reach out to him and ask for help?

A link to Boblins' profile:

His references:

His Facebook profile:

His employer: ... 1403359196

A FB group he's a member of:

If you have problems reaching him via conventional means, you could try approaching his family to get a hold of him for you.

If you can't get a response on Facebook, try this:
Julie A Holtzen

Phone number
12989 County Road 345
Winona, TX 75792-5311
Good luck. I hope some of this information is helpful.

Lower rating? You ship first.

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